Your Challenges. Our Solutions.

Turnkey Cloud Solutions Designed for Your Business.

Compufram is proud to create secure solutions perfectly tailored to fit your business needs.

Our products are fully scalable and there is no expensive equipment to purchase beforehand.

With per user licensing, our customers only pay for what they use.

It's Time to Move to the Cloud.

We utilize Microsoft Azure, Dynamics, Intune and Office 365 products as well as a full range of our proprietary backup and cloud security solutions in our products.



Some key features of a custom deployment could include:


Authenticate across Multiple Platforms


Decentralized Systems with 99.9% Uptime


Full Compliance and Reporting Capabilities


Usage and Security Insights in Real Time

We believe that no two businesses have identical challenges, so we will create a custom plan to best fit your needs.

Our customers have access to proactive support, taking preventative action before issues arise. As such, our solutions enjoy reliability of 99.9%. In case of an issue, our friendly and knowledgeable US-based support is always ready to answer any questions.

View our Products page for a more detailed overview of Azure and Office 365.

If you or your business is evaluating options in the cloud, give us a call or send us an email. We'd be glad to help.